Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy week/weekend

Well, with some of my projects winding down for the season as the sun's light washes out the night sky it has been a pretty busy week. All three of my winter-only projects are now shut down, and I have a lot of preparation and packing to get some (or all, in one case) of their hardware ready to ship back to the World for servicing and data capture once the planes start flying again. We're also going to have a lot of reports to write here at the end of the season, so that will not be the most fun thing to do at the end of a work "week" that will have stretched ad infinitum since January 22, when I got back from R&R in McMurdo.

This is yet another long weekend for the privileged classes here at Pole. There is an art show, farmer's market, open mic night, and a bunch of other stuff being put on Sunday. Monday is the second day off for them, and we've moved the Sunday Select Cinema showing (feature presentation: "Das Experiment", which is all too appropriate for down here in the winter)to Monday night. I might do a couple sea chanteys at the open mic night, and am not sure how much of the other stuff I'll be able to attend around work.

As Vonnegut wrote, "So it goes."

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