Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You get the drift?

I get "the drift" going and coming these days, to ARO that is. The upwind drift of the elevated station seems to be growing at an amazing rate. It's probably at least 12 feet tall right now, and with all the wind we've been having it really has changed drastically from just a few days ago. It's pretty calm out there today, but with no clouds in the sky to help insulate us the temperature has dropped about twenty degrees from yesterday to -85F. There is a crescent moon in the sky now, which is nice to help navigate over the new sastrugi deposited on the surface of the Antarctic Plateau.

Both bands I'm playing in are making good progress. The Irish band really made some good strides towards locking down a few more songs last night. Our next gig will be in two weekends, and I'll make sure to post the link to the webcast if we have satellite coverage at that time. Odds are we won't, but I will if it's available.

I don't have any news to report on future employment or travel plans. It'd be nice if the former could get figured out, which would then let me make plans for the latter.


LillyLyle said...

-85F! Cold as Mars!

lillylyle said...

Have you seen these amazing dust devil animations from Mars' surface?

EthanG said...

Yup, kinda chilly at the bottom of the world in winter. I have indeed seen the dust devils, which are quite remarkable. I really like the images of Martian sunsets: same star, different planet.