Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movie gods & rock stars

Well, last night my partner in crime and I filmed a couple new little clips for the trailers to be shown the next two weeks at Sunday Select Cinema. One of them is tied into the fact that we'll be showing "Das Experiment" on 9/1, and the other is related to the fact that I found all the worst previews for new movies and am putting them all together into one monstrous, maddening ball of mediocrity. It has nothing to do with us watching "The Third Man" whatsoever.

Well, thanks to a gifted local photog, here are a couple pictures from the concert this past weekend. For some reason the event acquired a pirate theme, and I did my best to buckle some swashes.

In two weekends there is going to be another small coffeehouse-type event. I'm kicking around a few ideas for that, but they will have to be simple as I've got a lot on my plate already with the Irish band and Picardis. Oh yeah, and work too.

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Neal said...

Weird, I just watched The Third Man last night.