Thursday, August 14, 2008

here we go again

Well, last night found a group of us musical-types setting up the PA once again in the gymnasium. We're supposed to be doing "bare bones" gig, but it seems like we're doing 95% of the work for a normal show. I'm going to do a lot of singing for the two bands I'm playing in, and I really hope my voice holds out to the end of the final set.

The temperature jumped ~40 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. It's still really quite windy out there, but at least it isn't -93F like it was when I was working outside yesterday.

I'm currently reading the classic (and critically acclaimed) graphic novel "WATCHMEN", and the action is now taking place in a lair in Antarctica. It's funny how this continent shows up in popular culture when you least expect it.

Yesterday I applied for a job as an astronaut instructor for the communications and network systems used on the Space Shuttle. It'll be interesting to see whether I get a response on this job application. No real news has been received about any other applications I have submitted.

I tried to get the new Indiana Jones movie down here by writing Spielberg and Lucas this summer, but didn't have any luck. I'm considering trying to contact folks to see if we couldn't take part in the world premiere of the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" on October 29th. It's almost a sure bet nothing will come of it, but why not? The first date my mom and dad went on (at the tender ages of 14 and 17, respectively) was to see "Thunderball", which was also the first time my mom had been to a movie theater, so the Bond franchise figures fairly largely in my nuclear family's history.

This week's Sunday Select Cinema feature presentation is going to be the new "Casino Royale". I've been gradually watching some of the extras on the DVD, and I think I'm starting to place a lot of my daydreaming of different environs/activities into James Bond's fantasy world. I mainly keep thinking about driving very nice sports cars very fast through beautiful countryside. It might as well be a different planet for as much chance as I'll have to do that anytime soon. The only times I've even been in a vehicle all winter have been in an LMC (tracked snowcat-type thing) riding out to an emergency response false alarm or two.

Aston Martin DBS: 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, top speed ~200 mph.
LMC: 0-60 mph in, well, never (unless you drop it out of an airplane).

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