Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lighten up, man!

OK, so we've got new light in the sky, as well as that of come companions we'll be bidding farewell to all too soon. The first picture is of the growing twilight on the horizon and the second is of the moon (just set below the horizon) and a streak of aurora. I'm sure going to miss auroras...

The Irish band had its meeting last night to choose our next songs to work on and watch some video from the concert Saturday. I'll be singing Drunken Dirty B@st@rd by the Mahones, which is oddly appropriate if you know that I haven't had anything to drink all winter and am getting tired of some of the social scene down here. I caution you, it is a highly catchy tune that will be stuck in your head should you listen to it! Monday night we had a practice with Picardis (our new name for the rock cover band). That's Picard like Capt. Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I got my guitar amp and effects pedal switched to something more appropriate, so hopefully that will improve our sound somewhat. Our new set list has some challenging songs, and one song I'll be singing involves what Tim calls "yodeling", and I wouldn't mind rolling around on the beach with a super model like the original singer got to in the video. Yeah, I'll let you guess the tune. It shouldn't be too difficult.

I certainly never figured on music playing such a major role in my South Pole experience.

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lillylyle said...

I hope the Picardis will not all have shaved heads as their gimmick! That would be a 'wicked game' indeed ;-)

(Is el super modello really wearing Chris Isaak's knickers at the beginning of that video? Uber-kinky...)