Sunday, August 17, 2008

Class acts

Well, we Polies got to live a bit of the high life last night while watching the latest James Bond movie "Casino Royale" at my little Sunday Select Cinema shindig. Our snack included salmon roe caviar, which actually was hardly touched by folks at all. I'll admit that I'm not too keen on that fishy taste myself. But, if you're going offer caviar, why not at a Bond flick?

Last night we hit -99.9 degrees Fahrenheit. People got the sauna fired up in anticipation of doing the 300 club, but it didn't come to pass. Just to reiterate, the 300 club is running from a +200F sauna to a -100F outdoors ambient temperature.

Saturday night we had the concert in the gymnasium. The Irish band did a good job, though due to some difficulties with volume settings in our monitors on stage we had to stop one song and restart it once the players could actually hear each other. I had to soldier through with some tired vocal chords, but people have been very complimentary of the performance. The falsetto song Kiss by Prince and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana were both highlights, and the most challenging songs to get up to reasonable performance quality. I'll post pictures when other folks get them shared on the community hard drive.

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