Tuesday, September 2, 2008

keep on truckin'

Well, the beat goes on here at South Pole. We had a very successful art show on Sunday afternoon, and there were some pretty neat things on display and being done. A huge photo mosaic, made up of small photos, of one of the UTs was unveiled in its nice frame built by the carps. That will hopefully (and rightfully) take its place hanging out in the main second floor hallway here in the elevated station. It's fun to scrutinize the little constituent images to find photos that you recognize.

In the evening there was quite a rowdy open mic night. I donned my turtleneck and watch cap and sang the sea chanteys "Fiddler's Green" and "Radcliffe Highway" a capella, and passed out little cards with the chorus printed on them so the crowd could join in like we did when singing them aboard the Soren Larsen. Some folks were more than a little impaired, so there was a good deal of activity that I could have done without that evening.

There is generally more light in the sky, I'll try to take some photos in the next couple days, but this has been accompanied with quite a bit of overcast. I guess around the end of the week we'll be allowed to remove the window coverings and get to watch the growing glow from the comfort of our fair station.

I'm still totally in the dark on all job hunt applications I've submitted. None of the companies are getting back to me, and I need to decide how long I can put off making some concrete travel plans. I know I'll spend some time in New Zealand, and sure wouldn't mind going on another Lord of the Rings tour (it's almost that time of year for my annual read to begin). I already have a free pass to go do a really tall (440 feet) bungee jump in Queenstown, so that is definitely on the itinerary.



Becky said...

Sorry that you haven't heard from any employers. At Least NZ in February/March is lovely.

EthanG said...

Oh well, something will work itself out. I'll bite the bullet and travel the world if it doesn't happen soon.