Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend nigh

Well, the last few days have been pretty peaceful here at Pole. Today we actually have scalding temperatures up in the -40s Fahrenheit range, so that's nice for a change.

I've begun the process of updating procedures and documentation for the various projects on which I work, so that should hopefully be out of the way before I have to start to really think about how I'm going to facilitate turn-over to my replacement in October/November.

NASA has been potentially going to take our satellite passes on the TDRSS birds for the last couple days, but-evidenced by my posting here-that has not yet come to pass. They are doing upgrades and tests to the ground system, as I understand it, to help ensure mission success for the next and final trip the Shuttle will make to the Hubble Space Telescope here in the next few weeks.

I've been practicing music for both the bands quite a bit, and just last night one of the other guys and I had a vocals-only practice to go over the harmony parts we'll be singing in some of our set list. It's going to be a real challenge to get my hands and voice to work at different things at the same time and have it still sound good, but I think the harmony will add a lot to the overall performance.

So, all's well here at the bottom of the world. Folks are definitely thinking and talking about plans for After a lot these days, despite the months we still have to go before redeployment.

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