Sunday, July 27, 2008

Run for the jungle

Well, I got to see a new (as in I'd never seen it before, not illegally downloaded) movie last night. The Sunday Select Cinema showing was of Mel Gibson's gorgeous flick Apocalypto. The scenery and costumes were really top-notch. It's amazing how alien that jungle landscape looks after this much time in a nearly sterile landscape here at South Pole. Yesterday on my walk out to ARO I stopped and listened, and since the breeze was really low there was essentially not a sound to be heard, nothing alive, but beautiful nonetheless. I even recognized some of the Mayan words from a trip in 2002 to visit some friends down in Belize where they were living in a Mayan village. Somebody told somebody else to go kill that dog, and they used the word "peck", which I recalled from my time in the village. So, that was pretty cool, and a nice indicator that my memory isn't being too adversely affected by my time here in stir at the Pole.

So far this week things are pretty routine here. I just spent a couple hours sorting electronic cables of different sorts, which was different. People keep talking about travel and their next jobs, and I have one friend that bounces at least one new idea for a trip off me every day. I'm still in holding pattern, but will hopefully have some light shed on one option (in Belgium) this week if the company notifies me like they said last week. In researching Belgium I came across this Kattenfestival (Festival of the Cats) where fake cats are flung from the belfry of a church in Ypres. Now that sounds like one happenin' festival!

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