Tuesday, July 15, 2008

another week, another dollar

Well, I don't have much to report about work down here this week. It's pretty much the same thing every day, with little variations here and there. Yesterday was one of my days to work in the "dish pit", which was the scene of most of my SP experience last year as a substitute Dining Attendant down here. I had to take care of my other duties as Research Associate in addition to getting the dishes, pot, pans, silverware, and general cleaning taken care of.

I've also been incorporated into another band here at SP. I'm now playing guitar, harmonica, and singing for an Irish band, which has been loads of fun so far. I know The Pogues is one of the groups we're playing at least one song from, and man is it different from plain old rock 'n roll like we're playing with Re-Tardis. After hearing me sing a song by Nirvana at practice on Saturday night, I got asked if I'd like to give the Irish stuff a shot. I guess my voice is getting stronger as I sing more, because there's this totally different voice that I can turn on and sing with confidence for these more aggressive songs. I guarantee you folks that know me in person (and remember my voice, despite my lengthy absence from The World) are going to get a real kick out of it. Anyhow, music is continuing to play a huge role in my winter here at the South Pole.

I've also unveiled my "Host" character I'm going to incorporate into advertising and the preview roll we have before the Sunday Select Cinema movie showing I've orchestrated on Sunday nights here. It's amazing what two paper towels wadded up and stuffed into one's cheeks can do for your looks... Doing that reminded me of one of the costumes Peter Sellers donned for "Revenge of the Pink Panther".

"Haul away your rolling king,
Heave away, haul away!
Haul away, oh hear me sing
We're bound for South Australia!"

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LillyLyle said...

I'm glad you went with Peter Sellers instead of Borat, Borat's famous bathing suit might have been a tad chilly where you are!