Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I see Pole moon a risin'

Well, true to form and orbital parameters, the moon absolutely vaulted into the sky yesterday. It's amazing just how much difference that silvery orb can make. We'll have it around for around two weeks then it will disappear once more. I think we may only have one more dark period before the sun's light begins to appear on the horizon. Just like when the sun went down, the sunrise period takes quite a while. I guess the amount of light can really depend upon how the weather is, whether we have lots of storms or if it is clear. It definitely will be interesting to see that fiery disk after these months of night.

There isn't a whole lot exciting going on right now at work. I've been practicing my vocal parts for the next Re-Tardis set quite a lot. Some of the songs are pretty difficult, but if I can get them down it should be a lot of fun. The 300 and yoga continue to be a good way to relax and de-stress after work six days a week. I did have an uncomfortable coughing fit at yoga yesterday, which really doesn't feel good when you have your torso all twisted up. I'm a little sore from that today.

Some folks are starting to make travel plans and figure out their next mode of employment. I tried to call United Space Alliance today, but just missed their HR business hours. The satellite doesn't quite come up in time to call there very early in the day yet. I want to check in on this job I applied for a few weeks ago to become an EVA (i.e. space walk) trainer for astronauts, having not heard anything back in those intervening weeks. It would be great if something would come through or everything would fall through. That way I could either have some cool job to look forward to, or I could just make serious travel plans and hare off into the world once I redeploy. This ambiguity is getting a little old already.

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LillyLyle said...

Hi Ethan,
I saw an amazing little film on the The Daily Galaxy list that I subscribe to - sending along its YouTube URL:

It reminded me of some scenes in the film Local Hero by Bill Forsythe, which was filmed here in Scotland, so it is the Aurora Borealis - but the composition of the shot with the silhouette of a person in front of the northern lights is identical. That one has shooting stars though!