Friday, July 18, 2008

Saturday afternoon

Well, most of the station is off right now for "safety stand-down", but I'm still here-as always-plugging away. It's actually really nice outside right now. The temperature is in the -50s F and the wind isn't blowing all that hard. Call me crazy, but it almost felt balmy. I can only imagine what the World will feel like once I redeploy from the Ice.

I've started thinking about what sort of travel I might like to do once I leave, and sailing has been looming extremely largely in my head. It still feels like a waste of time doing this research online, since I have no idea what sort of job offer might come along and trump everything else. Still, it would be nice to catch up on the time off I've missed while being down here on-call and working ever day.

Here are a couple pics of 1) outside and 2) my rack of science electronics with the lights in the lab turned off.


LillyLyle said...

Hi Ethan,
One of your pics make me think of W.Gibson, he calls those lights "telltales".
I hope that if you are anywhere near Europe in the autumn that you will get a chance to see one of the concerts on Leonard Cohen's tour. He was here in Edinburgh on Wednesday and it was amazing...there are pix of it on my friend Boon's blog:
You can see how the sky changed dramatically throughout the whole concert - not your aurora, but darn nice! //Lilly

LillyLyle said...

Here's one place that's colder than where you are:


EthanG said...

Thanks for the pics & article, seeing images of the World is nice to keep things in perspective. It's strange seeing people outside in regular clothes. That hasn't really been an option for me for quite a while now...