Saturday, July 5, 2008

Low-key weekend

Well, it is another 2-day weekend for most of the station, and this morning at South Pole Station is remarkably quiet. Since I work every day I just get up at the same time (6am) every day to help avoid fatigue by keeping the same sleep schedule. I've only seen about 3 other people so far in the 4.5 hours since I got up this morning. It is kind of nice being up without anybody else around.

The science lab doesn't get all that much foot traffic, but with nobody else around I can practice singing songs for Re-Tardis' new set and concentrate on getting big projects done at my desk. Today I've been working a lot on the section of my science lecture covering the Phoenix lander that is currently operating in the Arctic plains of the planet Mars. I'm also going to talk about SOHO (on which I worked) and the Mercury MESSENGER spacecraft. I might talk about the International Space Station, but I've already got a lot of slides and need to keep the lecture to an hour's length, with time for questions included.

Anyhow, there isn't much to report from this end of things today.

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