Friday, July 11, 2008

Some thing, time, job, place...

Well, we've got another breezy day here at SP. The winds aren't as high as that day just past, but there is enough to kick up a good deal of snow into the air. I would venture the high winds got a bunch loosened up, so now there is more free to be moved about by lesser airs. I spotted a dark spot along the trail coming back from ARO today, which turned out to be a tape measure that somebody had dropped. Strangely, the first thought that went through my head was something like "It's a cluster munition. Don't touch it!" Yeah, that was bizarre.

Things are pretty quiet here. It seems like the rumor mill has been working overtime around events concerning our redeployment after the station opens for summer. I pretty much expect the station will open at some date, and I will fly out some time after that on some airplane. I'll do some travel once I get back to the world, and I'll find something to do with the next however many years of what will constitute some of my life. Things are really plastic here, to say the least.


Jeff Lutz said...

You have a good frame of mind about being at the Pole. Everyone gets a little toasty by the end, but your attitude will keep you from getting "burnt around the edges."

LillyLyle said...

Hi Ethan,
Have you considered looking for a position in Canada? The Antarctic will have prepared you for Canadian winters (not much else could) and I assure you, you won't have to worry about cluster munitions there as Canada has never had any wars. My dad worked up in Baffin Island when I was a kid, and had amazing stories about polar bears and the like. Of course, you may prefer the balmy climate of Orlando after having spent some time at the pole!

EthanG said...

Hi Lilly,
Yeah, the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic both would be awesome. I'd love to make it to the North Pole somehow, but it's a bit different proposition than its austral counterpart. There are some Mars simulation projects, I think at least one on Baffin Is., that I would love to get a chance to participate in.

We naturally haven't had any wars down here on the Ice to, so that's a big reason why my mental leap to unexploded munitions was so bizarre the other day.

I hope the summer/mosquitos aren't treating you to roughly in your neck of the woods.