Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time flying

OK, I had no real conception that I'd let this go so long without posting. The days, weeks, and now months seem to be accelerating to some unheard of fast pace. Case in point, I feel like I just ran that may-day drill for the firefighters at last month's safety stand-down. Well, here we are, already one month later and the next safety stand-down is this Saturday.

There have been auroras off and on all week, with some really good ones just about 3 or 4 days ago. Today the auroras were pretty good, not quite so big, but there were small regions that just seemed to be pumping loads of green (and some red) light into a few streamers across the sky. There again was enough light being emitted by the auroras to cast a strange green pall over the landscape. It's amazing to think this phenomenon is going to be just a fact of daily light by the time our winter night is through.

The Re-Tardis has now got a tentative set list and is beginning practice for our next gig: the mid-winter party on June 21. I have yet to meet with either of the other two bands with which I'm probably going to play and/or sing. I hope there will be some time to do something besides practice music between now and the end of the winter. I do have a lot of other projects I'd like to keep making progress on. This is all good to have, as I gather it is usually the folks without enough to do that slide into a terminal boredom and have a pretty toasty, miserable time late in the winter.

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