Sunday, May 18, 2008

M-O-O-N: moon

That brilliant orb is back in the sky, and I managed to get a pretty wicked photo by its light yesterday. It is amazing how much light is bouncing around out there, and how defined your shadow is just from moonlight. I guess the reflective snow surface helps, but it doesn't seem like the moon is this bright back in the world.

This week begins the new advanced 300 workout for the two of us that have persisted. We're going to shift to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday so that we can also join some other folks for yoga on MWF. I definitely am feeling the need to get in more stretching, as my legs seem to be tightening up these last couple weeks. It's probably mostly a symptom of so much desk time, but I'm sure the environment here does its best to exacerbate the issue.

Here's a bit of interesting news that was shared by our physician's assistant:

Of the 60 people wintering at SP this year, we range in age from 19 to 64.5 years. Our average age is 36.6 years. By the time November rolls around enough (35) of us will have had birthdays, so our average will increase to 37.2 years.

The ages break down into decades by:
2 in their 60s
5 in their 50s
12 in their 40s
28 in their 30s
11 in their 20s
2 in their teens

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