Sunday, May 11, 2008

busy weekend

Well, what was the weekend for some folks really flew by for me. We've had some progress troubleshooting one of my on-going problem projects, and I think we're probably getting closer to figuring out exactly what ails it.

The sky has been remarkably clear, but there haven't been any auroras that really have stood out in quite some time. The last time I looked at a space weather website the sun was completely devoid of sunspots, which doesn't bode well for having active auroras. The stars have been lovely, and it is amazing to be able to see the sweep of the Milky Way across the sky once again. When I lived on the East Coast for 3 years you could only see the few brightest stars, planets, and the Moon. When I'd get away to visit my very rural home it would be a real treat to go outside on a clear night and appreciate all the sky has to offer. That, and the quiet of not being in proximity to millions of other people. That's definitely the case here at the South Pole, too.

Band practices are starting to spool up as well. Our next show will be mid-winter on June 21. I'll try to get the times up earlier so folks can plan to connect via the Internet connection with more notice. I think all THREE bands I'm playing in are going to sound really good, so don't turn that dial.

My Sunday night space movie extravaganza presented "The Right Stuff" yesterday. We had a pretty good crowd show up, and though I had advertised it as being shown in two different nights, so folks wouldn't have to stay up so late, everybody hung in there and we watched all 193 minutes of its studly goodness. I've seen that flick so many times that I can't count. I just couldn't believe that my sixth grade teacher let us watch it with all the cursing, sexual innuendo, and brief nudity. It would probably be some big to-do today, instead of just letting it be the very inspirational piece of motion picture art that helped drive me toward my main goal in life.

Thanks, Mrs. Seaman!

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