Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pitch Black

Very overcast sky today made for one extremely dark day at the South Pole. I had to spend almost 6 hours out at the Atmospheric Research Observatory fixing a project today, and had to stop for a while each time I went outside so I could even see my hand waving in front of my face. On the roof I had to work underneath a blanket so that my head lamp's light wouldn't interfere with the other instruments operating up there. It all made for a pretty tedious morning, but hopefully the problem is fixed and will stay that way.

Today begins the one-week countdown to the end of our 12 weeks of this version of the 300 club. I've been able to the full 300 for over a week now, so the mission definitely was accomplished. The very few-perhaps just 2-of us that are still performing the workout will probably be transitioning into the advanced version of the workout that the actors used as their final test when doing their conditioning for the movie.

Bands are in heavy competition for the use of the single music room here at Pole. The few weeks we have before mid-winter are absolutely flying by, and I'm supposed to be playing in 3 bands, playing perhaps over 20 songs, and singing at least 3 of them. To say the least, this is probably going to be the most prolific musical time in my life by a long shot.

Keep on rockin', and rockin', and rockin'...

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