Tuesday, April 15, 2008

pickin' 'n grinnin'

Well, the as-yet-to-be-named band had a good practice tonight. Things are coming along well enough that I think we're feeling confident about playing in less than two week's time. I think our set will be somewhere around 30 minutes long, which is pretty good for this sort of party here. We're all in agreement that keeping it together and honing our product for a station opening party in October or November would be an absolute blast. I definitely feel like my playing is vastly improved, not that I'm any great virtuoso, and my singing has also gotten better with time.

We had some more aurora for a very short time here today. Unfortunately, I have to fix yet another project, as it isn't working and is supposed to be studying auroras now. I also did another calibration imaging run with my all-sky proton camera out at ARO and am feeling more confident and familiar with the hardware and software interface.

McMurdo closes for the winter Thursday, so I might be assisting with the air traffic control flight following activities if need be. I think the other folks are trying to push me away from feeling obligated to do it in addition to all the "festivities" that seem to constitute my work life these days.

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Anonymous said...

Twelve years ago my wife and I did some somers at South Pole. At that time we videoed some "tour" footage of the station. I have finally assembled enough computer and software power to edit the clips into a organized movie, about an hour long. While doing this it occurred to me that the current Polies would likely enjoy seeing what it was like then. Get back to me if you would like to start working out how to send the data. Most likely some of the Science people could help. The movie occupies near 5GB of data.