Friday, April 25, 2008

On with the show

Polefest 2008

The Re-Tardis*
The Quasi-Crystaline Arbitration Project
Triceratops: The Revenge
House Mouse Seasonal Affective Disorder Blues Project
and sundry solo performances

*my band

Head over to Tim's blog to download the software so you can catch the event live on streaming audio.

Most of the station also just got done running in the costumed BF5K race here inside the station. Being an abnormally tasked worker down here I didn't get to stop work to take part in that event. I just got to spend all day dragging frozen electronics out of a sub-surface vault in the ice to try and bring a science project back to life. Priorities... Somehow I guess I'll change gears for our performance, but I'm pretty much knackered already.

One of those-allegedly-about to rock salutes you.


David said...

Obviously you know about Dr Who. I don't know it was that well known in the US.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

EthanG said...

Public Television ran loads of Dr. Who while I was growing up. I think I even have my old tire air pressure tester that was my "sonic screwdriver". Credit Tim for the name, though.