Wednesday, April 9, 2008

busy, getting busier

Well, there is now one active winter-only project as of today at the South Pole. It was pretty easy to get rolling, and the data is rolling in as we speak.

There was a whole lot less color in the sky today. It is probably the end of this period of twilight, and we'll be moving into that full darkness here in the next week and some change.

Tomorrow I have to get two more projects up and running, as well as get one broken down for the winter. It's going to be a long one for sure. I actually may have to get back to work tonight here in the lab to prepare one of them for tomorrow. I can't seem to get its sensor dome to clear the loads of frost that keep forming on the inside surface. It'll end up being over 16 hours on my time card for today if I do.

In about 20 minutes I'll be the host of the weekly Pub Trivia event. My categories tonight will be: 1) Indiana Jones 2) Kansas (congrats on the b-ball victory guys!) 3) Aviation History 4) UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I also will throw in a fifth round, which I don't expect many folks to get anything at all on. I did a bunch of questions on Middle Earth Geography from memory, so we'll see what-if anything-folks can dredge up from reading my favorite books years ago or watching the movies. It won't be pretty, to say the least. Last time I hosted my category was Rocket Science, which I toned down enough folks got a few. Anyhow, it should be pretty enjoyable.

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