Wednesday, April 16, 2008

fire in the sky

Yup, it's aurora season. It seem like mid-day is a very active time for the aurora australis here at the South Pole. There was a great, green band of light twisting across the sky today on my walk out to ARO. I actually walked backwards most of the way to keep an eye on the light show. We've got the auroras, now we need these aurora projects to get up an running correctly. I spent quite a while today using a multi-meter probing voltages on one of them trying to figure out what might be wrong with it.

Last night my team took two of the four categories during this week's installment of Pub Trivia. We were only a point away from perfection on the "horror genre" questions, which was a nice surprise.

Tonight is a big pool tournament in the B1 lounge, but I'm not really a fan of the sport. I'll probably end up catching up on some recreational reading, which has been interrupted a lot with me having to work at night for some of the projects. Last night I spent about three hours working on yet another calibration imaging run for an all-sky camera. I think I will be putting a stop to that sort of tasking here pretty quick-diplomatically, of course.

This Saturday there is going to be bingo in the galley, which usually draws a large crowd (at least it did in the summer). But, one week after that it is the biggest rock show on the Antarctic Plateau! It is going to be a two-day weekend (for most folks), and we'll be playing along with a couple other bands that Saturday night.

Speaking of rock concerts, my bro's band Vegetable made it into the final round of the Deadwood Derby battle of the bands in Lawrence, Kansas. Congrats to him and the rest of the guys on their past and future successes!

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