Tuesday, April 22, 2008

heat wave

Wow, we've gone from -92F yesterday to -69F this afternoon. When storms come in they mess up the thermal layers of the atmosphere, and we end up having higher temperatures. Granted, the wind has picked up to 17 knots, but that's also par for the course in a storm on the Antarctic Plateau.

Things have been pretty quiet the last few days. I just keep working, and am doing my best to get the non-functioning projects back in normal operating mode. There is a bunch of activity surrounding our music gig (Polestock 2008), which is now up to 7 bands on the play list. I wonder if folks are biting off a little more than they should trying to make it as big as it is potentially going to be. Maybe we should have saved some of the ideas and enthusiasm for mid-winter and station opening. But, whatever, I'm just going to try and do my best playing and singing in my first time on stage in rock 'n roll band.

The auroras have been hit or miss the last few days. With the winds picking up there is a bit of overcast, and it obscured the view of some of the only auroras I've seen in about 3 days. Generally, the sky has been crystal clear for last few weeks.

Sunday night I showed "In the Shadow of the Moon", and have to say that it was probably the best documentary about the space program that I've ever laid eyes upon. It was amazing seeing the footage and hearing these old guys talk about their transcendent experiences setting foot on another celestial body. Talk about a serious fringe benefit...

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