Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Planting the flag(s)

Well, a good portion of my afternoon was spent tromping around outside shuttling and planting a bunch of bamboo flags out into the Clean Air Sector. I have a variety of riometers, very low frequency receivers, and other odds and ends that are the business end of a good number of the science projects that I support. By the time I hit the end of the line I was making a round-trip of a mile, so it was actually a great change of pace (pardon the pun) to get in so much foot time. You can't really stray all that far here, and one of the things I'm sure I'll do when I get back to NZ is to just start walking in one direction and not stop for quite a while. Well, I might just have to stop for friendly dogs, movie theaters, Greek restaurants, and pretty girls.

The legions of Spartans-in-training keeps growing. I know of two more guys that will be joining us in doing the 300 workout. Hopefully everybody will stick with it. It'd be great to perpetuate this much exercise over the winter. It would also be a great excuse to take some theme-specific hero shots out at the Pole, and I'm talking about photographs not drinks when I say "shots". Anyhow, I may start getting back into some tae kwon do on the off days just to vary things up and keep active. People kid us about being Spartan warriors and all that, but I think they're just too shy or timid to come and give it a try themselves. Still, if people keep joining up we'll have a regular agoge here in not too long.

Heading to the gym today I was defamed, insulted, and appalled when somebody (the villain will go un-named) blurted out that I have "elephant calves". Now, I don't know about you, but elephants don't really have much contour change along their legs. They're like big, thick tree trunks. So, telling somebody that their lower legs look like an elephant's is essentially like saying that they have cankles, which isn't very flattering. I've got my strapping father to thank for those "elephant calves", and anyhow I knew what this anonymous person meant, but had to give them grief about it anyway.

Anything less would be uncivilized!

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