Sunday, March 23, 2008

one of these the Moon

Well, Friday night the sunset dinner was quite tasty. I just had the beef tenderloin, and skipped the lobster tail, since it really doesn't appeal to me. There was a little party afterward, and the dancefloor was vastly different than this summer. I tried to find my groove, but just wasn't into it so much. Perhaps having done the 300 workout only a little while earlier had something to do with that.

Unfortunately, the sky was very overcast, so most of us probably saw the sun for the last time late Thursday night. All that is left of the fiery orb is a brighter spot on the horizon. But, today the moon really was visible and beautiful.

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Becky said...

Soon you'll look up at the sky, which used to be this expanse of bright blue and say "my god-it's full of stars!"
Be sure to post pis of the aurorae.