Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, we just got done playing some dodgeball. It probably has been since high school since I played last. On my inaugural return to the sport I got drilled in the face twice by the same guy within a few minutes. He was packing the heat with a little ball a bit larger than a grapefruit, really easy to throw hard, and seemed to laugh a lot about how he couldn't manage to throw it below waist height. Yeah, got me laughing real hard. Nothing like having your ear ringing to accentuate a nice evening of sport and competition. Sorry for the vitriol, it has to come out sometime.

The temperature stayed in the mid -80Fs today, with wind chills down to -120F. But, it didn't feel all that bad. Actually, I should go stand outside for a little bit. It'd probably be like using an ice pack for 30 minutes.

I'm starting to now try and get a grip on how to run a couple of the projects that will be operating this winter, but didn't run this summer. Both are sky cameras, and I have had minimal training on both of them. I've also been going through some of our cabinets and jettisoning a lot of junk that has accumulated throughout the years.

My wall in the lab is finally getting repaired after the construction crews put in the big steel supports for the wind deflector between the station's modules. The guy doing the drywall work is actually a friend and co-worker of mine from the DA corps last year in McMurdo. There is actually a third one of us ex-DAs from last year in the carpentry crew as well.

Well, I'm going to go find something to do the rest of the evening that doesn't involve blunt trauma to my head.


Neal said...

Let me know if you ever have questions about the all-sky cameras or with any of the other projects for that matter.

Becky said...

I've found that accidently rubing someone's face into the carpet is a good antidote to getting wacked in the head with sporting equipment. And the season is just starting-I'm sure you'll come up with something.
That would be one hockey puck to the cheekbone and one volleyball to the ear-only the ear in question had 3rd degree burns and promtly started bleeding big time.