Monday, March 17, 2008

Blowin' in the wind

We had some visitors arrive in the last few days. All these little puffballs of frost rolled in and got stuck everywhere. I first noticed them in the lee of some sastrugi, and it almost looked like a weird bird's nest. I guess the right kind of frost forms, just enough wind starts bits blowing, and they accumulate more as they roll along. It was a really neat little surprise to discover.

That sun just keeps creeping toward the horizon. It is remarkable how different this place starts to look when it gets a little dark. We'll still have light once the sun goes down on Saturday, but it will be an increasingly dim twilight into April.


Anonymous said...

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Neal said...

You've got spam.

If the sky stays clear, you should start seeing aurora this next week.

EthanG said...

That early? Cool! And, thank for the offer of help on projects that are getting turned on for the winter. I anticipate some level of difficulty in getting them up and running smoothly without having really trained in full on them.