Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still waiting on R & R

The flights to McMurdo yesterday were initially postponed until the evening then around dinner cancelled due to poor weather in McMurdo. I ended up working a full day like normal, including spending most of the afternoon digging out components of a project I'm in the process of decommissioning. On one hand it was good that it was one less day that the Aurora Tech had to cover for me, but on the other hand the day counts against our total days of R&R (and was 1/6 of my total days off for the duration of my 13-month contract).

In the evening I watched a couple movies. One was a documentary called "Cocaine Cowboys", which was about the insane proliferation of drugs, money, and the stuff the dealers bought with their dough in Miami starting in the 1970s. The other was an really good animated movie called "Howl's Moving Castle". Other than that, I had a pretty low-key day and turned in a bit earlier than usual.

The weather forecast for McMurdo today is much more favorable. Our flight is again scheduled to arrive here at 11AM, so we'll see if that holds. In a way this is preferable to us flying last night and arriving in Mac Town at 1 o'clock in the morning or later.

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AaroN said...

So did you HAVE to work on your day off and if so, why did they count that against you? That sounds lame. :/