Friday, January 25, 2008

End draws nigh for some

Well, a big milestone for the summer season was reached yesterday. The IceCube drillers finished up their 18th and last string deployment, and will quite quickly start sending folks home that don't need to be here for the break-down of their camp infrastructure. They are throwing an end-of-season party tonight, but I may opt to play some guitar and get some reading done instead. I have to get back into the swing of being on-call for fire team and all that again now that my brief stint of R&R is history.

There is also the showing of the SPIFF (South Pole International Film Festival) tonight, with movies made by people down here on-station. That should be a lot of fun as well. I didn't get a chance to participate in a film this summer, but we might have a winter version of the festival.

While doing my checks out in ARO yesterday it felt remarkably empty and quiet. We currently don't have any visiting project staff out there, so the place is relatively free of extra equipment and people. I guess it will only get quieter out there as we move into winter, which is pretty nice as a change of pace from the sometimes noisy group of folks that work in the B2 science lab.

I filled out a complaint form online today with the USPS about my pilfered iPod, and felt like it was pretty much a total waste of time. Bummer...

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