Thursday, January 17, 2008

Commence Relaxation

Well, my flight to McMurdo actually came through yesterday, and we arrived in the early afternoon. The temperature here is right around freezing, and my first thought off the plane was "what a soft environment". There was snow that could actually be molded into snowballs, so as we were waiting for our ride into town on Ivan the Terrabus we had a big snowball fight.

I have gotten in contact with most of the people I worked with last year. It's not too hard as many of them still are here in the galley. I is so weird to see the DAs working here and to think that I spent a whole season doing that job. It has been so vastly different an experience this year that it almost seems like last summer was a story I just read about somebody else's experiences. Surreal...

Anyhow, we're going to be allowed to hang out in the coffee house here some this afternoon, so that should be fun. I guess it behooves Polies on R&R to keep a low profile so as not to incur the indignation of too many folks here at McMurdo that don't have a similar opportunity for R&R. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any wildlife, and will hopefully be able to post some pictures if I'm at all lucky.


Becky said...

I'm reminded of my favorite pic from last year. There was a penguin, looking curiously at the camera. And in the background were a dozen other cameras all taking pics of the same bird.
Tell everyone I said hello-And have as much fun as you can!

AaroN said...

Do unshaven/showered people count as wildlife? ;)