Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quiet Monday

Well, things seem to be a bit more back to usual now that the dedication ceremony is over. Our weather here today is a bit overcast, and I hope the ceiling and visibility don't get low enough to cancel flights yet again. We've a lot of cargo to get delivered to Pole before the winterover crew is left to our own devices.

Yesterday the annual spelling bee was held here. I got to sit in on bits of it, but it happened right during the window when my daily checks on the projects in the B2 Science Lab had to be done. I could spell most of the words that I was there for, but didn't get to see the final showdown between the carpenters that took the top two spots.

In the evening we had a good session of pub trivia. My team did pretty well, winning the first category (after two tie-breakers) about Latin America. I've started working on another set of questions for the next time I get to play the host.

Wednesday I leave for McMurdo (weather permitting) and 6 days of R&R. I guess I'm looking forward most to seeing some of my compatriots from last year, taking showers of unmonitored length, and sleeping in beyond 5:30 in the morning. Those, and breathing the somewhat moister and more plentiful air.


AaroN said...

Funny that two carpenters would be in the showdown for a spelling bee. I didn't see that coming.

What is the difference in relative humidity between the pole and McMurdo?

EthanG said...

There are loads of people you shouldn't judge by their job title down here. The dishwashers, including me, last year in McMurdo were a very well educated group.

I don't know the outdoor relative humidities here or in McMurdo, but in the lab here we have 3%. It's a whole lot more dry here versus McMurdo.