Saturday, June 7, 2008

toasty, and not of the psych-type

Today we have a high pressure system moving through, and the temperatures have leaped up into the -40s F. It was nice to not be cold at all while doing a nice walk out to all the three labs in the Dark Sector to take relative humidity measurements inside them. Cutting away from the flag lines between the Dark Sector Lab and Ice Cube Lab was a little sketchy, since I didn't know what all sorts of excavations and whatnot might be out that direction.

Yesterday I embarked upon my argosy of training three new firefighters for the brigade. Two have no experience whatsoever, but the third has been to fire school (for the Ice) a couple times. Still, it's pretty much square one right now, with a long way to go before I can feel safe sending them into an emergency scene on SCBA.

The Re-Tardis is coming along really well with our new set. Each practice we sound better and better, and I'm reaching the point where I don't really use my sheet music to play along with. Singing continues to be a real joy, and the guitar just becomes more natural all the time. I know I have a long way to go on both of them, but still it is amazing how much improvement can be wrought in just a number of months.

I have a birthday fast approaching, and shortly thereafter we'll be at mid-winter. It's amazing how long the summer seemed, when we've been here even longer this winter, and have 5 months even left to go. I feel very much together, no sign of "toast", and am still amazed regularly at how we can adapt to such strange environments so quickly.


tad said...

This is Tracy, and hello from India! I just spent my birthday with my family in Mumbai, and the rainy season hit right on the day. I have been invited to give a talk to the Navi Mumbai India Rotary Club about the South Pole, and was wondering if you could give me some links to any information. Glad to hear you guys are all doing well. Please give special hello to Chris, Sue, and Paul for me. In case you're wondering, I found the blog by Googling your name.

Becky said...

Glad to hear that the burnt crusty feeling has yet to visit. And that you're getting to have some fun
amidst the problematic hardware and software.
So how old will this birthday make you? I will send virtual cake, as the real thing wouldn't be in great shape by the time it got to you.

EthanG said...

Good to hear from you from such an exotic locale! That's cool you're getting an opportunity to share about the Ice with other folks. For some Antarctic info:


I'm actually pulling the decadal hat trick in two days. Thanks for the thought of cake. I've given up desserts in pursuit of the 300 physique, so even just sentimental baked goods are sufficient!