Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Group hug...I mean, photo!

Well, this afternoon most of the station gathered at Destination Alpha (skiway entrance of the elevated station) to have a mid-winter group photo taken. I guess, like during the holidays in December, stations in Antarctica and the Arctic exchange greetings with each other. It seemed like we had pretty good turnout (of the 60 total people here this winter), and I look forward to seeing what other stations' greetings are like.

Tonight is the last full practice for The Re-Tardis before our big mid-winter gig on Saturday night. Today we finally got some video posted to the common hard drive here at Pole from the first Polestock, and that's got me all fired up to do it again.

With the July 1st deadline looming in the near future, I've been thinking a lot about my astronaut application and general future plans for travel, life, and employment. It's great to have options, but I can't quite follow the samurai maxim and make my decision concerning "what's next" within seven breaths.

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Rachel B said...

I know what you mean, man. We just got through a few months of having three or four totally awesome (but totally different) life opportunities. Each was wonderful in ways and less wonderful in ways, and by the end of it, I just wanted to draw one out of a hat and say, "This is it! This is what we're doing and where our life is going!" It feels like nothing is ever going to be final, and then you realize that you've chosen something! Don't worry, Ethan, there are no mistakes! Where you end up is the perfect place for you, even if everything isn't perfect (that made more sense in my head than it does written down).

FYI, we ended up deciding to stay in Austin for a couple more years to mature and to become more experienced and educated. It's my first summer in Texas since high school, and it's HOT! Oh, how I long for those lovely Montana days!

When do you find out about the astronaut application? Would you come to Houston if you got it? What are your other options?