Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flight of the science tech.

Well, the string of hardware and software failures continues here at South Pole. I can't remember the last day I didn't have something mess up on me. Tossed into the mix was my rotation as dishwasher for Saturday, which was just more work tossed on top of all my regular work for science support. The nice thing is, having been totally wasted down on the Ice for an entire summer as a Dining Attendant (DA), I have nearly superhuman pot and pan scrubbing and dish washing skills. Anyhow, thanks to some kind folks that stood in while I did my daily checks, everything got done in time. A very nice person stood in for me at the end of my shift so that I could be in attendance for practice with Re-Tardis. After all, that's a community service activity-right? Anyhow, Pole is lots of work and significantly less play, but it's still good to be here. The sky outside today was extremely clear, and it's wonderful to see all the stars and the sweep of the Milky Way.

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