Sunday, June 22, 2008

Past the tipping point

Well, mid-winter's day has come and gone, and we're now on the downhill of this season. Allegedly it only gets more difficult from here on out, but so far the psychological challenges haven't been all that bad.

The Son of Polestock concert was pretty fun, though people in the audience didn't seem to have a lot of energy. That wasn't totally surprising given how much fun a lot of them had engaged in the night before. The Re-Tardis played pretty well, and I definitely enjoyed singing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "Suzie Q", and "Blue Suede Shoes". I'm not sure when the next gig will be, but we definitely hope to be able to throw a concert for station opening when the summer crew arrives. Maybe the audience would be a bit livelier then. Some folks got some good photos of me in some really styling duds, so I'll see if I can get their permission to post them here in a future installment.

It's in the mid-negative 90s F today, and it definitely feels colder than the -80s F. I was wrong that I assumed that after a certain point that cold just feels cold.

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