Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, after over 2 months of troubleshooting I finally got one of my projects properly configured with a new primary data acquisition computer. It's like I upgraded from a Corolla to a Corvette. This new computer burns archival data DVDs in about 7 minutes, when the old computer would take almost 30 minutes. As Borat would say, "Very nice!"

We've had another good bunch of winterovers arrive here on station, and it's interesting the feelings somewhat of unease around them, when I know we'll mostly all be thick as thieves by the end of the winter. I've almost got all my fire brigade people here, and am trying to do my best to balance between wearing my science tech hat that has loads of work to do and the fire chief hat which has plenty of the same. If there was any doubt about my capability to multi-task before this 13-month contract, I think it will be suitably obliterated by the end of the winter (if not already). The irons I have in the fire are plentiful and diverse, to say the least.

I've taken to wandering around practicing the guitar wherever I can find a reasonably quiet spot where I won't bother folks. It seems like our band room has had people in it every time I try to go play. I was walking laps around the gymnasium a couple nights ago strumming away until people showed up to play volleyball. The kind soul that bought and brought me an iPod arrived yesterday, so I'll be able to listen to that and play along (which helps a lot) wherever I can find to practice from now on.

There was a Super Bowl party here last night. I guess it took that long for a copy to make its way down here to Pole. I didn't watch any of the game, and still don't know who actually won, let alone played in, the game. I stopped in the galley just long enough to grab a few snacks to take to my room and finish off reading yet another excellent WWII history book sent down by one of my kind uncles.

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AaroN said...

...and the original iPod bandit is still at large?

I think I'd take a Dremel to the back of mine and leave a pretty scar on the back staking my claim. There are Dremels on the ice, right? ;)