Friday, February 22, 2008

Opening old wounds

Well, the ladies had their own little girls-only get-together tonight, so we guys busted out an idea I'd had for a movie double feature: The Sword & Sandal Soiree. This pretty much just involved watching Gladiator and 300 on the big screen in the gym, as well as walking out afterwards with a new impetus to exercise an excessive amount this winter. I've got a couple workouts based upon those the actors in 300 used to get in shape for their roles, and may try to start in on one of those in the next couple days. I haven't heard how the ladies enjoyed their party yet.

This blogging thing got away from me this week with all the activities that have been going on in addition to just working. It seems like there's always some new thing that has to be taken care of. A definite positive thing is the fact that I've got almost all my firefighters ready to go with the minimum check-outs to officially let them respond with SCBA gear to any emergency we might have on station. The number of hoops we have to jump through to get people ready to go for our particular emergency response team is ridiculous compared to the other teams. I'm not saying it's Byzantine, but it's difficult to facilitate without spending far more hours on it than I really should devote to an unpaid position. Oh well, it's been a good leadership learning experience. Tomorrow I'll actually be working 1.5 hours in the station store, for which I will actually be compensated monetarily (unlike the fire chief work), so that's pretty cool.

This weekend is the monthly 2-day weekend for most of the folks on station. They normally just get Sunday off, but once per month there is an extra day off from work. It doesn't really apply to folks like the guys in the power plant, the meteorological office, or science support. I'd venture the science grantees will also be working through the weekend.

Anyhow, for a couple hours I'm off to bed, with visions of phalanxes dancing in my head.

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AaroN said...

Having done the 300 workout, I might recommend stepping into it gradually. It certainly ain't no cakewalk. Oh, and make room in your schedule to sleep extra hours!