Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm f-f-f-freezin', Eddie!

By Odin's beard and Ymir's wounds was it cold today! Our temperature was -54F, but with the 18-knot winds it dropped the wind chill down to -92F. I did a double calibration of an instrument out on the roof of ARO all afternoon, and boy did my hands get cold quickly. I was wearing glove liners, but when touching metal with even thick gloves on it will suck the heat out of you a whole lot faster. It was really pretty watching all the snow stream across the plateau from the high vantage point of the roof. Seeing that reminded me of sand blowing across dunes and really reinforced my recent convictions that I need to visit some nice, big desert like the Sahara on my way home come next November.

I got lucky in a recent trip to Skua, our local second-hand goods and thrift shop, which is the repository of all things unwanted, lost, or unclaimed. I scored a Ralph Lauren dress shirt and a nifty plaid sport coat, so should be able to augment my meager "dress" wardrobe quite nicely with both. I think somebody was working on cleaning up Skua yesterday, but this is how it looked when I was rootin' around:

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Used lotion? Nice.