Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Deployment update

Travel came through this morning, and I'll actually start the trip south on Saturday 10/6. Provided flights all happen on time and the weather is decent between Christchurch and McMurdo, I should hit the Ice on 10/12.

I've spent way too much time packing today, but should be getting my boxes posted to the APO tomorrow. Hopefully my gear will not take too long to catch up with me at Pole.

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delucnberg said...

Hey Ethan!!!! Hope your travel to the Ice is without incident and that the weather holds for landing at McMurdo.
We have settled in to life on the side of the ski hill once again. We had snow around Sept 23rd, tho it has all melted, and hope it bodes well for a good season here in Mammoth.
We are excited for you and your new adventure. Julia and Michael