Sunday, October 21, 2007

Climbing the learning curve

Yesterday was most people's day of, but the science techs have something to do every day of the year here. Jason and I walked out to the Atmospheric Research Observatory (ARO), and the weather felt absolutely boiling compared to the day before. It was still -49 deg. F, but there was no wind. Later, I ran through the checks of the electronics in the CUSP rack in the elevated station's lab, which went (already) a lot smoother than the day previous. I think the daily stuff will be easier to get a handle on, but the things done weekly, every two weeks, monthly, etc. that I don't get as much practice at will necessarily take longer to reach a comfortable level of familiarity.

The food has been great, and I am definitely enjoying getting to know folks around the station. We should be getting another couple flights of people in today, so the station's population will continue to swell from its current number of 83. It will be really nice when the LC-130s start flying, and I can get the rest of my gear. I had to raid the second-hand clothes in the skua boxes outside to augment my wardrobe a couple days ago. I was very happy to find some running shoes, so I didn't have to continue wearing my big insulated FDX boots all the time.

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