Sunday, September 30, 2007

Prefatory Remarks

Ah, how invigorating! Once more I spring into the breech after much ado, sundry contortions, and no scarcity of trepidation. During my tenure at the South Pole and ensuing return voyage from the Antipodes, I shall endeavor to provide regular and (hopefully) compelling accounts of my exploits and observations in the body of this digital palimpsest.

But seriously folks, I'm in the last stages of packing and getting myself ready for this disappearing act for over a year at the bottom of the world. I reckon this blog will be a nice way to keep information flowing back your direction without dropping gigantic email bombs in your inboxes like I have in the past.

Provided I actually get travel arrangements in the next couple days, I'll be starting my trip to absolute south on 5 October. I don't anticipate loads of interesting antics to occur between now and then, so until I'm on the road I wish you good health and high spirits.

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chubalicious said...

Oh Ethan!
I'll think we'll cross paths! I'm flying into Denver on the 6th, LA on the 8th, CHC on the 10th, and McMurdo on the 12th. Can't wait to give you a bear hug!