Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flight delays again

The Basler flights to Pole were delayed due to bad weather at the Pole, so we're standing by to standby. I kept busy today doing another round up to the lab at Arrival Heights with the McMurdo RA. I also did a good amount of work at the Berg Field Center. The BFC, as it's usually referred to, is sort of like a camping goods store for expeditions out into the field. They stock and maintain a bunch of different types of equipment and clothing, and here at the beginning of the season they needed more helping hands to get things squared away and ready to go. I helped with assembling cooking sets, stuffing sleeping bags in compression sacks, and verifying the soundness of a bunch of collapsible cots. I think I'll be doing a lot more work there tomorrow, as my flight is now not scheduled to go until Friday.

The weather has been beautiful and warm here in McMurdo, so now Pole just needs to get with the game, and we need the aircraft to stay mechanically healthy as well.

This evening I got to hang out and play dominoes with one of my roommates from last summer that stayed over the winter as a chef here in McMurdo. He's been on the Ice since August 2006, and is going to finally escape on Friday. It was a lot of fun to catch up and get his perspectives on how it was to spend the winter here. Walking back from his dorm with another ex-DA friend the sunset over Mt. Discovery was gorgeous once again, but we didn't stay out long as the weather had turned windy and neither of us had a parka.

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