Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day, Take 1

Well, the holiday is upon us (some of us) here at Pole. So far I'm doing laundry and working just like normal. I always like using the big clothing centrifuges to get more water out before putting my things in the dryer. There's always something that seems just barely in control about the big, humming contraptions. The station is pretty quiet so far, with mostly night-shifters with time off rattling around. The science lab currently has none of its phalanx of overhead fluorescents on, and just the light from our several windows is a pleasant change from the harshness of the normal illumination scheme. I'll definitely be hitting the gym sometime today. Last night I watched "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", and I wouldn't mind emulating the title character's physique by the time I redeploy.

Well, have a great weekend wherever you are. It would be fabulous if my afternoon could include doing something like this, but I'll take what I can get.

" seemed they cared better for the weapons they wore than for the weapons they were. It seemed a strange way to behave, but of course this was a strange world."
~Roland, "The Drawing of the Three"


Becky said...

I've long thought that an ice boat would be great down at the Pole. I bet you could repurpose a bedsheet or two for the sail.
Zipping along under that sky, the rush of wind-it could be fun.

J. Reaves said...

Hi Ethan,
I just found your blog. I'm glad to hear you are again lead on the fire-team - I think you were the right choice. RPSC has moved up my deployment date by two weeks (with no complaints from me) so I will be leaving warm NC on the 18th of January for cold SP. Weather permitting I will be climbing out of an LC-130 at Pole about a week later, rather than in February as originally planned. Say hello to Enrique and Sheri for me.

James the Butler

How the rest of the Gang of Eight from training getting along?

EthanG said...

Hey J.R.
Time & my performance will tell if the fire lead position was a good choice. Have a good trip down here, and try to get some sleep between LA and SYD. Everybody from ERT training is off and doing their own things. Amazingly, some folks I'll go days without crossing paths with.
Travel safe,

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