Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breaking the Rules

So, a couple nights back I had been talking to some folks at the dinner table about my previous exploits sailing from Auckland to Easter Island/Rapa Nui aboard the Soren Larsen on my way home from Antarctica the first time. I came really close to sailing on another vessel from the Canary Islands to St. Martin in the Caribbean, crossing the Atlantic in 19 days. Well, the timing and berth availability didn't work out, so I had my other, fun trip in Australia and S.E. Asia instead. Anyhow, I looked at the website for that ship, the Stad Amsterdam, again, and they already have a similar voyage across the Atlantic posted for late November/early December 2010. So, assuming I leave here in mid-November, I could probably do this voyage. Sure, it's expensive, but how often do you get to cross an ocean under wind power?

I was not trying to overtly break one of my rules for long contracts on the Ice, by thinking about post-redeployment travel this early, but there it is. I'm not antsy to leave, by any means, but it would be awesome to have something like this all lined up for when I do finish my time at Pole and have to get myself back to the other side of the world.

"All loose things seem to drift down to the sea, and so did I."

~Louis L'Amour


Becky said...

Sounds like a great idea to me. And if necessary, you can always find another way home. How did your schedule set you up so you have no time off?
And why not pester the galley about your schedule so you can join the fun? One more body is manageable, even in the space at Pole. Or ask a few folks to switch with you.
There will a box of surprises coming along-what did you like the most from the last one?

Craig said...

Just go to dinner, there is always some one who doesn't show. How are you house mouse partners?

Craig said...

Just go to dinner, there is always some one who doesn't show. How are you house mouse partners?

EthanG said...

This job has no days off, so Tgiving is just like any work day. I'll probably talk to the galley to see if I can squeeze in. If not, no skin off my back.

The always-useful chocolate, weird safety stickers, & inflatable moose head that looked like a deer were good in the last care package.

House mouse is going well. We've had most everybody show up, except for the first time when it was just S. and me (we're neighbors again).

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