Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sisyphean Resignation

Well, this week, like the many to come, was filled with much work. There has been plenty to do with science, as well as the fire brigade. Yesterday we had our monthly combined-team drill for the station ERT apparatus, which went pretty well. Sure, we could do things much better, but that all will come with time and practice, neither of which we have had a whole lot of yet. Right after the drill we had a real alarm, which turned out to be nothing. That anomaly is almost always a given, the follow-up alarm after we have had a drill. There is certainly something to be said for experience of all sorts, but eliminating that particular gremlin would be nice.

This coming week brings the first holiday of the season here: American Thanksgiving. I, unfortunately, did not get signed up for the only dinner seating that would jive with my work schedule before it filled up (no holiday for me anyway), so am not sure what I will do. It would be fun to celebrate with most of my friends, but perhaps I will just make use of the gym while it is abandoned by others in favor of gluttony.

I have been working out every day, and am feeling that gratifying soreness that comes with physical exertion. I plan to start winter, and an adapted 300 workout, in much better shape than I did in 2008. Having such ready access to a gymnasium is probably one of the best perks of a contract here at Pole. That, and the free room and board. Between exercise and music, you have the two pillars for relieving stress upon which I rely heavily to make it through to the end of my perpetual work week. Once I can establish a routine, I also hope to start studying geology/glaciology some, as well as put in some quality time with my {ubiquitous brand name omitted} Russian language software .

“A fight is not won by one punch or kick. Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard.”
~Bruce Lee