Thursday, December 18, 2008

Leaving the beach today

Well, I finally have a chance to catch up online from Ao Nang, Thailand. I've been here the last few days, and it has been nice to put down roots for a little bit longer than just two nights at a time. Our first full day here we did a motor boat cruise out to some of the islands, including the Ma Ya Beach used for the movie "The Beach". It was a little more crowded than as portrayed in the movie. We stopped and snorkeled at a few other islands, and had lunch at Phi Phi Don. It was interesting there, since they are still rebuilding from the Boxing Day Tsunami that hit this part of the world so hard several years ago. The next day I went on a short elephant "trek", which was still interesting, despite the short duration. I think the last time I might have ridden on elephant might have been way back in my childhood when a circus came to my hometown. I remember a great picture with me and a few other boys all lined up along the elephant's back.

Anyhow, today we're just waiting until 2 o'clock to catch our ride to the train station a few hours away in Surat Thani. There we'll get on a night train, which will carry us up to Bangkok by morning. Bangkok's my penultimate place of temporary residence until I get home in less than two weeks. I think my body will thank me greatly for finally bringing an end to my travels.

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Becky said...

Who is this we you speak of, white man? We'll hope the Bangkok airport stays open when you want to head home. Soak up the warmth-it's been snowing just about everywhere. Including Huston.