Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In Darwin, heading to Singapore

Oy! Well, I emerged from the Outback last night to the bustling city of Darwin. Talk about humidity! I don't have very ambitious plans for my single day here, and will be winging off tomorrow afternoon to Asia of all places.

My drive up from Alice Springs was long, hot, and very nice. It reminded me a lot of the US, and road tripping out west. We stopped and saw a lot of great little wide spots in the road with various gimmicks to attract travelers off the road. Highlights were paddling a kayak in the Alice River canyon yesterday morning, and seeing thousands of flying foxes at the thermal pools in Mataranka. I also attached pictures of a few acrobatics at Devil's Marbles and a roadside stop to inspect some termite mounds (they're super hard).

I'm feeling pretty healthy, though am probably a little under-hydrated. I've gotten some color back in parts of my skin, but am still transparently pale from my time at Pole. Hopefully I can manage not to get scalded up closer to the Equator. We crossed the Tropic of Capricorn just about 30 km after leaving Alice Springs, which was interesting. Anyhow, there's another installment from your man (currently) in Darwin.

Fair winds, happy trails, and all that jazz.

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Lilly said...

Hi Ethan,
Does the water really obey the Coriolis force and go down the other way around in that hemisphere?//L