Thursday, December 4, 2008

33 on 6

Countries on continents I've visited, that is. I'm in Singapore OK, and managed to make it from the airport to my hotel intact. I'm hot and sweaty and tired, but here. We were delayed by a thunderstorm in Darwin for about 30 minutes, but I still haven't gotten to actually see lightning since returning from the Ice. I'm not entirely sure what I'll see tomorrow, but I might go see the bunker complex the Brits had here circa WWII. It has the nifty name of "Battle Box", which naturally would catch my attention. I'm also going to eat 3 meals tomorrow, which will be nice. I'm right on the edge of Little India, so there should be plenty of curry and samosa with my name on it just down the hill a way.

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Becky said...

Have fun-just remember that some odd things are illegal in Singapore-like gum chewing.
So what continent have you missed?