Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Bangkok

OK, folks, I've been here in Bangkok for a few days and have a few photos to share. It's Christmas Day here, but sure doesn't feel or look anything like any of mine previous. On Saturday morning I'll be heading over to Cambodia, hopefully making it through the border without too much difficulty, to spend a few days at Angkor. On the penultimate day of 2008 I'll start a huge marathon of flights and layovers, and will hopefully get back home with a few hours to spare before the new year rolls into town. I'll try to get in at least one or two more postings before I get back to the States, but will make no promises. Enjoy the photos!

The Bridge on the River Kwai:

Yours truly with a 20-something-pound jackfruit near the River Kwai in Thailand:

A floating market in Thailand:

A fighter warming up for a kickboxing match in Lumphini Stadium:

The chedi (bell-shaped tower) of Wat Saket, a.k.a. "The Golden Mount" in Bangkok:

Wat Theptidaram in Bankok:

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Becky said...

Have a great holiday, and an easy trip home. Enjoy the warmth, around here it's colder than it is at McMurdo!