Saturday, November 8, 2008

on the bubble

Well, I still don't know exactly when I will be leaving what once was South Pole to me for over 9 months. I say "what once was", because we've been inundated with folks for the summer, and there are only just under 20 of the 60 winterovers left on station. I am supposed to find out at 3pm whether or not my boss and replacement feel comfortable letting me leave after these few days of turnover training. The next day I might be able to leave is Wednesday, based upon the flight schedule. I have a feeling that the decision will be made to keep me here until then. It stands to reason that seeing most of my friends leave and feeling crowded out of my own home by hordes of (mostly) strangers, as well as my trepidations about not having another job lined up yet, have conspired to leave me in not the best of moods. Still, it's an interesting change of perspective from a year ago. I'm sure there were winterovers that felt exactly as I do now, and it's good to keep that in mind.

More news will be relayed when it is available (and the satellite is up)...

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The Frozen Desert said...

It could be could be in Mac Town. This place sucks as much or more than I remember.

Pray for a straight through flight.